Greetings and a warm welcome from The Burlington New Jersey Walking Club.

Welcome to our Walkers! Many of you may know my wife (Nancy) and I (Derrick) by the “hand holding walkers” of Burlington. I assure you, we are not alone.

We feel that walking our city is a romantic and historical treat! Not to mention, The Delaware River bank is one of the most scenic of river banks within United States.

In our club, we'll share our love of walking with one another, share resources to support one another with both walking and general good health tips. Some may decide to participate in charity walking events and others in more competitive challenges.

During any organized time together we may discuss the future aspirations for gathering as a club. Until then we look forward to meeting you and welcoming you on the walking paths or streets of Burlington as an active member of our walking community.

Nancy and I are excited by the support you have shown for this newly conceived clubhouse. Here are some thoughts for future discussions:
• Feel free to suggest club gathering times and places.
• The High Street Anchor might be a good gathering point so that walkers may “never walk alone.”
• We know there are early risers, 6AM-7AM, who want to walk to start the day. Midday, 11AM-12PM, and late afternoon,4PM-6PM) walkers are highly encouraged as the day warms up.
• Walk club will be less likely to be walking late nights to avoid any additional road hazards that may appear after dark. E. Safety and vigilant walking practices are always encouraged by our club.

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Please also feel free to use social media to share your experiences, knowledge and acknowledgment of others who are inspired to lead a more healthy life.

Club Rules #1 #2 and #3!
What fun we have at walk club doesn’t have to stay at walk club!
Club Rule #4
Every step taken is a positive step no matter how many or few. Walk safely when ever you feel like walking.

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