Farmers Market Vendors

Vendors: If you are interested in vending in 2024, here is some information to review before submitting your online application

Types of Businesses

Agriculture Vendors: Agricultural vendors are local farmers that produce and/or grow one or more of the following products: Fruit, vegetables, plants (starts, annuals, perennials, herbs) cut flowers and herbs, dairy products, farm-raised meat, seafood, and eggs. In addition, value-added products (such as jams, jellies, salsa, honey, soaps, herbal oils, etc.) from one or more of the above-referenced items are eligible.

Craft Vendors: Craft vendors must sell goods that are handmade, of an original design and the direct product of the vendor. Vendors must display goods consistent with the type and quality represented in the application. Crafts that are not eligible include commercially manufactured art, products assembled from commercial kits, patterns or designs, or embellished objects such as t-shirts, totes, charms, drinking vessels, and jewelry or accessories made from stringing commercially made beads or charms. This does not apply to complex bead threading and handmade beads.

Food Vendors: Vendors selling prepared foods will require all necessary documentation to prepare and serve foods following all applicable Federal, State, and local health regulations. Whether applying for a Cottage Operator Food Permit issued by the state or applying at the county level, you will need county health department approval. You can download the Health Dept form here. Please contact George Hamway at the Health Department at (609)265-5521 or

Insurance Certificates Required

You will need to provide an insurance certificate naming “The City of Burlington” and Main Street Burlington” as “additionally insured.


  • Vendors should arrive between 3:00 PM – 3:30 PM to ensure they are set up and open by 4:00 pm.
  • Any market closures based on weather conditions will be determined by the Market Manager, and vendors will be contacted ASAP.
  • Vendors should supply their way to remove the trash, tents (anchored with weights), tables & chairs, and any needed equipment. All items must be secured so as not to blow away during windy conditions.
  • Vendors may pull up in vehicles to unload and load products but must move vehicles ASAP.
  • Spaces are allocated based on the discretion of the Market Manager and MAY change from week to week.
  • Vendors must sell until at least 7:00 pm unless otherwise arranged with the Market Manager (no breaking down until 7:00).
  • Each vendor must ensure that the footprint of their location is left debris-free.
  • Vendors are responsible for securing their products and cash receipts.
  • No application is considered complete until BOTH insurance documents and health department documents for food vendors have been submitted to
  • Not all vendors will be approved. The decision of what vendors meet the criteria of the market is exclusively held by Main Street of Burlington Board Members.
  • Preference to be given to growers willing to work with us to make SNAP funded purchases available to eligible customers.
  • While we want to ensure that every vendor is in the best position to be successful, we cannot guarantee any exclusivity for any products sold at the market.

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